Modern Property Management

Reward yourself and your tenants with state of the art access control, security, and building monitoring tools.

A Premium Experience for Tenants

Give your tenants an advanced solution for managing access to their space.

  • Unlock doors using facial recognition, RFID, or pin codes.
  • Manage who has access using fine-grain permissions for each sub-space.

Know Who Is in Your Building

High-resolution cameras capture entrances, exits, common spaces, and more. We use our advanced facial recognition tech to identify who is seen by each camera.

  • Search footage by location, date, or person.
  • Receive notifications when someone is in an unauthorized area.
  • Generate data-backed attendance (entry/exit) reports.

Let Visitors in Using Your Phone

Quickly identify visitors and let them in without needing to answer the phone.

  • Visitors use voice-based directory.
  • We send a picture message with a picture of who is at the door.

Protect Against Building Issues

The majority of property loss occurs due to water damage. Prevent this from happening in your buildings.

  • Detect leaks with strategically placed sensors and trigger automatic water shutoffs.
  • Receive notifications of pressure or temperature issues with water pipes.

Building Notifications

Easily send all building occupants notifications via phone and text.

  • General information
  • Urgent information: weather closings, building issues, new procedures, etc.